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Julia Pinckney
Julia Pinckney is a lifelong Charlestonian and Mom to Henry and George (who have impeccable manners). She has always had a passion for little children and good manners, and this book marries the two!
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Timothy Young
Timothy Young is the super talented Author/Illustrator of six books including The Angry Little Puffin and Do Not Open the Box.  He lives with his family on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.


What a great book! With all the self-absorbed, helicopter-parenting going on today, it is refreshing to read a children's book that properly frames development as gradually realizing (and embracing) one's obligation to consider others. The central question "Am I Big Enough," while asked by the child, is posed against all the things that go with being a fully-formed, considerate human being. There's a hand print on every page that allows the child to focus on himself (surely our favorite subject even as adults, if we're honest), but in answer to many small but important examples of having regard for others. Perfect recipe.
J. W. Matthews - Amazon Customer
Well written and easy to read, this engaging book has been a great way to encourage my boys to be the best version of themselves. To watch my son sit in anticipation of answering the question "am I big enough?" brought great joy to my heart. What a simple and fun way to build his confidence and encourage his manners to continue to grow.
TNMOM/RN - Amazon Customer
This book is perfect for instilling in young children self esteem and self worth. I am a parent of 7. How many times in parenting do we wish that we had used a different tone or a more positive approach. Am I Big Enough is exactly what our children need and... What us parents need. I am big enough to instill in my children their uniqueness and ability to learn and grow into responsible adults.
Clare Rowan - Amazon Customer
Cute book demonstrating how children can be helpful, cooperative and use good manners through the examples they see adults engage in daily. Simple sentence structure and repetition will appeal to toddlers.
Rlzirkle - Amazon Customer
Beautifully written and interactive!!! I adore this book- Perfect for manners!
Tracey Harris - Amazon Customer
What a fun and engaging book! My niece so enjoyed the interactive aspect and I personally loved the cute illustrations and low key suggestions on how one does "grow up"and contribute to the family.
Teri - Amazon Customer
What a wonderful book! In an effort to teach my two children better manners I began my search and stumbled upon Ms. Pinckney's Book. To say I was pleasantly surprised was an understatement! My children, ages 4 and 8, love the interactive experience and have changed their behavior in an effort to be 'Big'. I now have better behaved children who are striving to not only be more mature but have also asked what other areas they can be 'Big' in. Chores and assisting their mother are new additions to their day. Thank you Ms. Pinckney! I can't wait for the next installment!
Melissa Bernard - Amazon Customer
My Son is so enthusiastic over reading this again and again. Wonderful and refreshing ideas to allow little ones to interact with the book and apply it to their lives.
Barrett N. Barfield - Amazon Customer
I give this book to family and friends with small children, and it's so fun to interact with them around the concepts of personal responsibility and manners. After a few reads, you can reinforce the "Am I big enough" concept without the book, and you can see them pick up on the idea.
I love this book and adore the author! Well done and wishing much well-deserved success!
Tracey Harris
Tracey Uzzell Harris, Virginia
Thanks for the book Julia Pinckney! Grayson loves it and has been carrying it around the house all day!
Caleb Roca
Caleb Roca
As part of the Newberry College Women's basketball team, we as a team read this book to a group of young elementary kids. With no teaching experience, it was hard for us to keep the kids still, because they all wanted to put their hands on the hand prints. But they all loved it, and wanted me to read it continuously!
Kirsty Dunsmore
Kirsty Dunsmore, Newberry, SC